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Auxana are songs composed by Ros Earwicker. Originally the name was Auxano meaning 'To Grow' but ended up with a 'a' at the end forming the band name Auxana. 

Ros has always had a long held dream to record her music having written the first of many songs when growing up as a teenager. These songs were written from the heart and have either a story or a message to tell, a theme that has continued throughout her adult life. 

Ros has been a Christian ever since she was young attending Selsey's East Beach Evangelical Church in the UK, before moving to Australia in 2008. 

On arriving in Australia Ros felt she had a calling that she would ..."get into music...", several years later that began to happen and in 2011 began a year long process of recording her music. It was during this time that she was joined by session musicians Nathan Woodrow, (Guitars) Gareth David,(Bass/Violins) Luke Burton (Drums) and Nick Skinn (Drums). 

The album title 'You Spoke, I listened' was inspired after hearing God throughout the years. All the songs are deeply personal and very much faith based. 

In August 2016 Auxana release 3 albums Connection Terminated (Mainstream, non Christian). This album is a dark album that deals with differing types of stigma that is difficult to talk about in today's society. 

He Knows Best is a Christian album, again with a message or a story to tell within the songs themselves. 

Clowder is a piano instrumental album, again a different genre to previous album releases.

Session musicians for these 3 albums include myself on Vox, acoustic guitar, piano and cello/violin string arrangement Nathan Woordrow again joins me on his electric guitar, Ebo, piano on Just Ask and cello/violin string arrangement. Jamie Wood on bass and Jordon Poynter on Drums. Many thanks again to Nick Skinn for the use of some of his kit during the recording process. 

4 albums in 4 years, I already have ideas for my 5th album so keep up to date with me on this.